Here Comes The Vegan

on 1-02-2013 in Wedding Wall

Here Comes The Vegan: Delicious alternatives when choosing your wedding menu


“I’m a vegan.”

 “Do you have a vegetarian menu?”

 “ I don’t eat meat.”

Dining ‘alternatives’ are rapidly becoming the new addition to restaurant and home menus, as a growing population develops new awareness of food intolerances and allergies. Men and women are also seeking healthier lifestyles by eliminating  what were once popular staples of the American diet, and replacing them with heart healthy alternatives.

But have no fear! Side salads are no longer the only option for your vegetarian and vegan wedding guests. Here we present some tasty and affordable options for the omnivore and othervore friends and family in your life.


Hint: Serving appetizers cuts down on the need to serve a larger main course. Perhaps direct more of your budget towards this part of the menu to fill up your guests!

Idea #1: Roasted veggie skewers
Idea #2: Mini shot or martini glasses of hummus with carrot and celery sticks
Idea #3: Mini Falafel balls served with a dipping tahini sauce
Idea #4: Bruchetta on Toasted Mini Garlic Bread Squares



Main Course

Hint: For additional savings, look for in-season vegetables as the side dish to the main course.


Idea #1: Vegetable lasagna made with roasted eggplant, spinach, mushrooms, and zucchini or other seasonal vegetables. (as pictured below)


Idea #2: Butternut squash ravioli with a cashew cream sauce or marinara. Serve seasonal vegetables on the side.

Idea #3: Portobello mushrooms stuffed with quinoa (or lentils) and asparagus, with a red sauce.


If singular menu options don’t tickle your fancy, talk to your caterer about setting up a food bar. Food bars are wedding-perfect for so many reasons:

  • Save on servers (guests serve themselves…caterers simply man the station).
  • Save on time (servers no longer have to poll each guest on their choice of chicken or meat, or be held up by fussy guests).
  • Guests get to choose their serving sizes and don’t end up with food they don’t want on their plates!
  • Alternative food options are right there on display, so no one has to whisper or inquire uncomfortably about ‘other possibilities.

*Consider placing small ingredients-cards next to each dish, so that egg and nut sensitive guests know what they’re putting on their plates and into their mouths!

So no need to stress over suitable alternatives for your vegan or vegetarian guests. Chances are your caterer has plenty of experience in this arena –  just be sure to convey the need to stick to your budget while ensuring that your guests feel accommodated and satisfied.

I’m getting hungry just writing this blog post! What are you serving for your guests at your wedding?

Love & Weddings,
Hope A.


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