Eco Chic Wedding Mystique

on 2-27-2014 in Wedding Wall

by Natalie deMacedo

Not only can weddings be expensive, they can be wasteful as well.
The good news is that they don’t have to be either if you keep in mind these three words: recycle, reuse and repurpose!
Here we highlight some of the best ways to turn your potential carbon footprint extravaganza
into an eco-friendly wedding event.

Backyards can be positively romantic when decorated the right way and make for a more intimate setting.



Newspapers can turn into works of art…and the perfect wedding decorations.

                               newspaperflowers  newspaper garland

newspaper_table_setting  newspaper-heart-garland


Wood (read: logs, twigs, signs) can give your surroundings a grand, rustic feel.

                         wood onewed  wood tealights

                                name wooden signs


From the canopy to the veil to the centerpieces…let us count the ways you can decorate with flowers!
Nothing is more eco-friendly than nature itself, so take advantage of what’s in season (in season = less expensive).
Plants are also a wonderful option and have the potential to last long after your wedding day.

      flowersmason      flowers1

flower napkin holders        suggestion-tree


Take pride in your eco-friendly wedding, and remind your guests that saving the environment is just as important as saving your date!



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