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When Jessica launched Design Seeds as a way to share her love of color palettes and color journals with the world, she couldn’t imagine the viral impact her blog and Pinterest account would have on the wedding planning community. We were honored to get the opportunity to interview her recently and to create an inspiration board based on her color pick for 2013 brides.


Design Seeds: Cherry Palette

The Wedding Mile (TWM): What inspired you to launch Design Seeds? Did you think it would provide viral inspiration as it has?

Design Seeds (DS):
I created the concept of Design Seeds in May of 2009 as a way to bring a unique approach to design blogging through my passion for color. Having worked as a color specialist for over 15 years, I noticed a complete void in color and inspiration blogging. I created the Design Seeds format inspired by the simplicity of Tumblr blogs. My intent was to create inspiration that could be easily explored and shared.

The name of my design consultancy is “Seed,” and I had stamps made for client mailings that says “Design Seeds Enclosed.” The original site was on Blogger, and when it came time to fill in the blog name…it was that stamp that inspired what is now the Design Seeds brand.

I am grateful for how popular Design Seeds has become. It is in large part due to Pinterest. It is humbling that Seeds ranks so high with large websites (as far as being a top source for pins). I am a one person operation, so it fulfilling to see my passion project growing so quickly.

Design Seeds: Mental Vacation

TWM: What’s your favorite part of designing these daily “seeds?”

DS: I don’t have a favorite part in particular. I love the whole process from tracking trends to determine what palettes I want to create, to individually mixing each color swatch.

What inspirational quote motivates you to create these inspiration boards of color?

DS: There are many quotes that I find particularly inspiring, and that is why I created the feature “word” on the Fresh Hues blog.  I believe “it’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see” by Henry David Thoreau would be my absolute favorite. It captures how I approach the earliest inklings for color and design inspiration.  A humble reminder to truly look and see the unexpected hidden beauty.

Design Seeds: Ceramic Hues


TWM: What colors do you see as we head into the 2013 wedding/bridal season?

DS: Jewel Tone colors will only be growing in trend. Enamel Blue was my pick for “Color of 2013.” Pantone’s choice of Emerald will certainly influence many people, and it folds well into the jewel tone trend.  I recently did a moodboard for “patinaed hues,” which had very strong positive reader response. This particular palette shows how you can layer Emerald with popular teal and Tiffany Blue inspired hues for a very modern and fresh feel.


We are so grateful to Jessica for giving us this opportunity and for inspiring us! We hope her color palettes and our interpretation inspire you to have a vibrant wedding which is reflective of your personal style!


Enamel and Peacock Wedding Inspiration Board - Inspired by Design Seeds

Enamel and Peacock Wedding Inspiration Board – Inspired by Design Seeds

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